Queen Anne Luxury Hotel Set of 2 Pillows for Neck & Shoulder Pain (All sizes)




Queen Anne Pillows keep their shape with a proprietary hypoallergenic fill that’s more expensive and harder to source than other fills. It also requires special machines. That’s why the pillows bounce back while other brands go flat.


Enjoy 100% long-staple cotton, high thread count sateen finished cover, proprietary microfiber fill, long-lasting double-rail stitched seams, shape-extending purple piped edges. All orders include Pillow Refreshing Natural Wool Dryer Ball and Travel Tote.

Trusted by Fine Hotels

Queen Anne proprietary fill is enjoyed by fine hotels, including Kimpton, Marriott Hotels, Hilton Hotels, the Westin and more. Made in the USA.

Comfort & Support

Pick a medium to firm fill if you’re a side sleeper. Try soft or medium fill if you’re a stomach sleeper. Back sleepers who snore should consider a firm fill. The right pillow could quickly reduce sleep-related back pain and neck pain.